Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Terrible 2's" or Transition?

"No momma, no momma" seems to be the latest and most popular phrase in our household these days...followed by a swing of the hand, a kick of the leg, or a flying toy. I have heard much talk about the "Terrible 2's", but I can't help wonder if that is what's happening?! My precious little J seems to be lost in the transition of wanting to gain his own independence, yet still be the baby, explore all his options, yet not let momma out of sight. It doesn't help with the transition that momma is walking around with a watermelon sized belly which is referred to as "baby brother"! It feels like we are in a constant battle between J pushing buttons and us determining the appropriate response...react, ignore, redirect, distract, etc. It's a constant test of our endurance and patience, and his interpretation of that. We learn as we go, right??

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